Who am I?


This is me, Asja, 18 years old girl who is passionate about travel ever since she was 6 years old.

I grew up in small Slovenian village surrounded with nature and now I live in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia (which is very green too by the way). I still love going into the nature as often as I can.

I was always finding a way to travel as much as I could. I started saving every coin I got and even stopped buying new clothes (I used to spend all my money on buying new clothes every month). My ideas for travelling just got crazier and crazier every year (and are still getting). Also I am starting to love photography more and more every day, that’s why my blog posts will be full of photos from my trips.

In the end of 2015 I decided that I want to go somewhere alone. Then I discovered that you can do WWOOFing in Portugal even if you are not 18 yet and in January 2016 I had my 5 week summer solo trip to Portugal all planed. I basically felt like my life has just began.

After I came back from Portugal I stayed at home for one day and then went hitchhiking from Slovenia to Finland with my schoolmate. And in december 2016 I spet 9 days, including new years and my 18th birthday in Gozo, Malta.

Now that I graduated from high school I am starting to travel full time. First Europe, then India and Southeast Asia.

What I want to achieve with this blog is to show you all that travelling can be done on a lot of different ways and it can be really cheap. I don’t want to make you travel just the same as I do, however I want to inspire you to find your own perfect adventurous way. I want to help you start exploring this amazing world of ours, see the things that basic tourist don’t see. Also I want to inspire you not to just see and take pictures of the place but feel it with all your senses.

And if you ever have any question, don’t procrastinate to contact me.

Love you all, your WANDERLUSTFULL GIRL ❤