LISBON and SINTRA: day 2

It was a nice feeling to wake up with a sound of Lisbon morning life.

I ate my big breakfast and headed to Eduardo VII. park. I had a nice walk through some more remote areas of the city centre. The park is nicely landscaped and it’s perfect for just sitting down and resting your legs.


After I sat there for a while I walked all the way to Alfama again, got a delicious Pizza in Primo Basilico and went to eat it on Cais das Colunas. There is a really nice place to sit down next to the river. If you haven’t noticed yet, I really like walking a lot and then finding good places to sit down and just observe.



In the afternoon I went on a Sintra tour with The Wanderers Tours and it was amazing! We started with visiting Cascais beach. This is really the most beautiful beach I have ever seen (and I have seen loads of beaches this summer). The wind was blowing like crazy and there was sand literary everywhere, however I think it was even more amazing like that, because it was totally empty.

After 15 minutes we drove off to Cabo da Roca, the westernmost extent of continental Europe. I must say it’s really an exceptional place. Surrounded with cliffs and hills this place really amazed me. I kind of just expected an average place full of tourists. It was full of tourists but it was definitely not average.


We toasted with some homemade Ginjinha, traditional Portuguese drink, and headed to Sintra. We made two stops in Sintra forest to see a view on Lisbon and then on Pena Palace.


In Sintra we walked the cutest streets I have ever seen and visited National palace and Quinta da Regaleira.


Quinta da Regaleira was breath taking. We arrived there when it was already closed but we managed to get in through exit so we were inside totally alone. The park is full of beautiful lakes, grottoes, initiation wells, benches, fountains and great constructions. It really looks like a paradise (sadly I didn’t manage to take many pictures because we were in hurry but definitely check it out on internet).

So we came back to the hostel at 9 and I just changed my shirt and hurried out because I was supposed to meet with a guy from hostel that I met that morning. And later also some other guys from hostel came. We danced a lot and talked and met some new people. By the way this was all happening just next to the hostel because there is a festival that lasts all month of June. Parades are organised in all of the districts and traditional folk music, celebrations, and food are enjoyed throughout. Anyway, it was a perfect end of a perfect day.

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