Hitchhiking from Slovenia to Finland and back (introduction)

It all started with my schoolmate telling me about his idea to go hitchhiking in the summer. Of course, I was impressed and I told him that I want to go with him if he will go in August. In about two weeks it was all “planed”.

After I came back from Portugal for a day, we started our journey on 4. August in Ljubljana. It felt so awkward to stand in your home town, hitchhiking for the first time with a big goal to hitchhike all the way to Finland (which is more than 2000 km away) and to sleep outside as often as possible. But even though it seemed very optimistic, we reached Finland two weeks later, on 18. August. And we also only slept inside five times in all 4 weeks of travel. We visited 11 countries and spent less than 400 euros each. I must say it wasn’t always comfortable. In fact it wasn’t even comfortable most of the time but I have to admit that I would choose this over spending a week in 5 star hotel without even giving it a second thought.

Looking for a hitchhiking spot. Photo: Bor Cvetko
Hitchhiking in Poland. Photo: Bor Cvetko

From (not) sleeping in a field somewhere in Graz; almost spraining my ankle;  getting inflamed blister; walking endless streets with impossible sore backs; getting all my things soaked up; waiting for a ride for 5 hours; listening to human steps while wild camping somewhere in Poland; looking for a place to sleep in dark and ending up putting up a tent on a slope to sleeping in a bunker next to the sea in Denmark; drinking best beer ever for one euro in Czech Republic; swimming in Finnish lake; spending a day on an incredible beach that we didn’t even plan to go to; getting asked if we need a ride befor we even started   to hitchhike; having breakfast in an empty, sandy, sunny beach after having a swim in an ice cold water; picking up giant blueberries…

Palanga beach, Lithuania. Photo: Asja Masnoglav
Picking blueberries. Photo: Bor Cvetko
Perfect camping spot
Swimming in Estonia. Photo: Bor Cvetko
The morning after getting all my things totally wet because I forgot to protect them and our tent was full of water because of rain. Photo: Bor Cvetko
Our bedroom in Finland
Our bedroom in Denmark


I almost gave up in Berlin after waiting for 5 hours, but luckily Bor didn’t. Photo: Bor Cvetko

It was all ups and downs all day every day but in the end of every day we always got to a conclusion that we had a great day. We didn’t spend much time in each country but we did see a lot and got a taste of every country. We went through all the following countries: Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

Our trip on a map.

Read about all the details of our adventures:

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  3. Łódź, Poland
  4. Warsaw, Poland
  5. Poland, a hitchhikers dream and our journey to Kaunas (Lithuania)
  6. Palanga, Lithuania – an unexpected beauty
  7. Skrunda, a ghost town in Latvia
  8. Wet and cold day in Riga
  9. Wonderful Estonia

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