Bugs didn’t let me fall asleep – the first and the worst night

After we finally arrived to Graz we first just sat next to Ikea to get free WI-FI. We went on google maps and tried to find the closest forest. But there was no damn forest in the area, the closest thing that kind of looked like forest was trees next to the river Mur. We walked there and hoped for the best.

While walking.

When we came there we figured we could not sleep in “the forest” because the trees were growing on the slope and it was actually just a few trees. It was already pretty dark so we decided to go sleep on the field next to bushes and behind some kind of factory. It is obvious that sleeping in a random field is not a good idea, especially in Austria.

We silently prepared ourselves for sleep and meanwhile we noticed an animal walking around us. After a few attempts to figure out what it was we decided that it was probably a fox. In fact there were two of them and they were just too curious to leave us alone. When we came to terms that they are not going to leave us alone we just got into our sleeping bags and tried to fall asleep.

Where we slept

While Bor didn’t have much problems with falling asleep, I had a lot of them. I was listening carefully to every sound that I caught. I heard foxes walking around, weird sounds from the factory, bugs bumping in my sleeping bag… I simply couldn’t relax because I was too afraid that some farmer would find us. On top of everything I was burning. It was a hot summer night and I had a very tick sleeping bag (which was later useful in northern countries later) and I didn’t want to even get my hand out of it because I really didn’t want all the bugs to get in there. And even though I was really careful not to let bugs in my sleeping bag they still found a way inside a few times, it was awful. And like that wasn’t enough also some ant found a way into my clothes and bit me like crazy three times. So as you can imagine I checked the time every 15 minutes and was jealous of Bor because he was sleeping so peacefully next to me.

After checking the time for something like fiftieth time I noticed that the light next to the farm house lightened up (it was 4.30 a.m.) so I woke Bor up. We got away as fast as we could and found some benches to eat our breakfast. And just 10 minutes after we moved away there was tractor picking up potatoes where we slept.

The light…
Neighbouring field in the morning

Next stop: BRNO, Czech town with an amazing beer.

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