Skrunda, a ghost town in Latvia

After spending an amazing day on Palanga we headed to Skrunda-1. We didn’t have any problems getting there. Guy that drove us even gave us a ride right to the place.

A view from the rooftop.

Skrunda-1 is a ghost town located 5km to the north of Skrunda. I was amazed by how awesome this place is. I didn’t expect this place to be so big. We immediately knew that we wont leave soon and ended up walking around for 4 hours. You actually have access to all the abandoned flats and institutions like nursery… You can empathize with the place amazingly well. There are even still some books, shoes and clothes laying around and it really gives it a special felling. The wallpapers are peeling off and everything is falling apart basically and this is what makes it even more beautiful. There are also indications in Cirillyc all over the place.




One of the greatest things was also getting on the rooftop of the block there. Such an amazing view!

After spending another day with just wandering around this amazing place we ended up sleeping in the forest just across the road and it was full of blueberries. I was in heaven! I even woke up earlier so I could pick as much as I could to take them with me.

Overall this was another perfect day!

The forest full of blueberries really made my day. 😉 Photo: Bor Cvetko


NEXT DAY was a bit harder but beautiful.




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